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We believe in doing business in a way that is fair, transparent and, above all, safe and sustainable. These are the fundamentals of responsible practice. Without them we cannot build the trust and good faith on which we trade.

At Windsman construction Co we know that a responsible business is a sustainable business. We take our responsibilities seriously – and none more so than health and safety. No other matter – commercial or operational – takes precedence over the wellbeing of those involved in or affected by our activities.


We have set ourselves the target of eliminating all accidents from our operations. This is an ambitious goal. But we are confident we can achieve it through the commitment of all our people to put health and safety first in everything they do.


While this is - and will remain - our greatest priority, we recognise that our responsibilities extend beyond this. To ensure our sustainability agenda delivers maximum value, we begin by understanding the role we are expected to play in dealing with the social, economic and environmental challenges of our time.


Modern society is changing at a pace not seen since the industrial revolution. While the world’s population rises exponentially, major demographic shifts are transforming global dynamics. Mass migration to towns and cities, an emerging middle class in developing nations and an ageing population in the western world are placing unprecedented demands on energy, water, food, housing, infrastructure and the environment.


As businesses strive for commercial sustainability in challenging conditions, they must at the same time respond to a new economic framework where competitive advantage is determined by the social and environmental dividends of their operations.


The way we manage these interconnected issues will have a material impact on the success of our business. But if we are to achieve our objectives, we must be honest about the scale of the undertaking, committed to finding the right solutions and prepared to admit we don’t have all the answers.




Our sustainability agenda is organised into four key areas: health and safety, people, environment and marketplace. In our Australia hub our sustainability activities are known as our EPIC agenda. Against each of these components, we have set clear targets and expectations that focus our activities on the areas where we can make the most positive impact or where risk of negative consequences, if not adequately addressed, is greatest.




Health and safety: To protect the health and safety of everyone involved in or affected by our operations, eliminating all accidents by 2020.

People: To attract, develop and retain world-class talent, creating an environment that inspires our people to give their best and makes human capital one of our greatest differentiators.

Environment: To minimise the negative impacts of our operations and maximise the quality of the built environment for future generations.

Marketplace: To achieve the competitive advantage by delivering maximum value to all our stakeholders – clients, suppliers, communities and the wider industry.

Sustainability Policy


Sustainability is about maximising our environmental, economic and socio-economic performance, in the interests of the business, our stakeholders and our planet.


Windsman construction Co uniquely placed through our private ownership to take a long-term approach to sustainability. This policy sits alongside our Health and Safety, Environment, Human Capital and Customer Service policies as part of our global policy framework.


As an Enduring Engineering Enterprise we are implementing a strategy which aims to create sustainable growth by meeting the economic, social and environmental challenges of our rapidly changing world.


Sustainability will be pursued as an integral part of fulfilling our corporate vision. We will continually strive, and expect, to:


• Be accident and injury free

• Create exceptional, long term sustainable outcomes for all our clients

• Have no loss making projects

• Work to the highest ethical, social and environmental standards

• Achieve industry-leading low-carbon performance

• Promote a culture of learning, diversity and inclusion

• Develop our people. They are our most important assets

• Enrich the communities in which we work

• Have no environmental incidents

• Engage our supply chain and partners in promoting our policy


We will organise our Sustainability agenda around our EPIC themes: Environment, People, Industry, and Community.


Our policies are reviewed and updated annually to react to client needs and evolve with the world around us to make Windsman construction Cothe company of first choice for all our stakeholders, whilst challenging and changing the image of construction worldwide.



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Windsman construction Co a privately owned, internationally focussed engineering enterprise with world-class capabilities spanning the entire client value chain. We operate an integrated business model comprising the full range of engineering, construction and asset management services delivering single-source solutions for some of the world's most prestigious public and private organisations.

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